Smart Buildings

It pays to make your building smart!

'Smart' buildings utilize Internet Protocol (IP) technology to support essential communications services (voice, data, video, security) over a single seamless network.

IP Technology allows you to address building administration, video security, and your tenants' communications needs without having to retain in-house technical staff.

Simply put, a 'smart' building helps owners to:

By adopting the IP network model, the cost of the communications infrastructure can be recovered within your lease or maintenance rates. You can also configure your IP network to compete with the incumbent providers who use your facilities for free to extract revenue from your tenants. By offering Internet access, voice and video services, your tenants benefit from enhanced services at a lower cost and you quickly transform initial expenses into a money-making investment.

Access Millennium makes it easy!

We cover all aspects of deploying your network and connecting your property to the Internet. We design and install the appropriate IP network infrastructure, including fiber optic cabling, copper cabling and all network hardware/software. We provide full network management. You will not be responsible for any technical or administrative aspect of your network.

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