Introduction to IP Video

Let Access Millennium become your provider of choice for bundled video and Internet services, delivered over existing or newly deployed broadband infrastructure. We support new IP (Internet Protocol)-based solutions for surveillance, distance learning, corporate training and the transmission of commercial television programs.

Currently, digital video services are enabled on a one-way broadcast infrastructure with a limited return path including broadcast programming, interactive program guides, pay-per-view and more. The current MPEG-2 compression uses too much bandwidth to be transported efficiently over IP networks and the Internet. However, advances in compression and delivery technologies positions IP video technology as a solution to these bandwidth constraints. Using the latest IP video compression techniques, Access Millennium can deliver standard-definition video and high-def video at approximately one-third the data rate of MPEG-2, and provides high quality audio.

This enables us to offer next-generation video services that take advantage of two-way broadband infrastructures. The two-way connection enables us to take the best of what Internet technologies offer consumers today and apply it to the TV experience. This includes rich communications, personalization features and interactive services that can be tailored to individual needs.

Migration to an IP-based back end allows us to take advantage of the cost benefits of a unified network where video could run on the same IP infrastructure used for high-speed data and IP telephony. Because the IP network equipment is essentially the same hardware used throughout the world use for Internet services, the equipment for IP networks is cheaper and more ubiquitous than proprietary MPEG-2 solutions.