IP TV Broadcasting

Access Millennium offers a comprehensive end-to-end IPTV solution with programming tailored to meet the needs of diverse consumers. Our IPTV solution involves wired or wireless broadband access, IPTV middleware, TV Acquisition servers, a VOD delivery system, a media content-protection system (DRM) and IP Set Top Boxes (CPE).

Our IPTV Middleware works as the IPTV core platform. It implements whole-course management of IPTV by providing the management of users, services, channel/package and program together with an integrated billing function and service statistics.

Our IPTV solution includes a powerful VOD system, which enhances audio/video on demand services. The VOD system consists of streaming servers and a content distribution management system. This system supports powerful multicast and controllable multicast features to deliver VOD, nPVR and Time-shift TV when integrated with associated Middleware.

Our IPTV solution fully supports content protection (Digital Rights Management) technology for live TV and session-based encryption for VOD.

IPTV Features
Supporting Services
Broadcast Services: » Broadcast TV » HD transmission support
» Audio channel » nVOD/PPV
On Demand Services: » Video on Demand » Music on Demand
» nPVR » Time-Shift TV
Interactive Services: » Interactive Information » Interactive TV
» Online Gambling » Online subscription
» Online bill enquiry » Online Gaming
» WEB Surfing / E-mail » TV-commerce

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