Hosted IP-PBX Service

Intended primarily for small to medium-sized multi-line commercial applications, Access Millennium hosted IP-PBX service offers a full portfolio of business communications functions over a single, “converged” network connection. Subscribers enjoy all the enhanced features and reliability of traditional PBX or Telco CENTREX service, with the flexibility of open, standards-based networking.

With support for IP Telephone sets, a PC with SoftPhone software, or analog telephones (via adaptors), Our hosted IP-PBX service delivers redundancy and scalability that is difficult to achieve with traditional PBX platforms. Unlike legacy PBX systems, where features are limited to premises-based users, hosted IP-PBX features are supported across multiple sites. This capability allows users to forward voice mails or transfer calls anywhere in the organization using private dial plans.

Hosted IP-PBX service streamlines deployment and installation, reduces communications overhead and extends your reach to all users across multiple locations, including international sites.

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