Managed Network Design

Creating a network that operates seemlessly on demand first requires an understanding of how to best leverage the current environment. We utilize tools for financial analysis of costs, network design, application and security requirements. Our team of business process professionals and engineers provide a phased approach to building the services and support required by your corporation. By taking a customer-centric approach, we ensure every design meets your specific business objectives. We perform a detailed analysis to select the right mix of solutions.

One solution does not fit all. Access Millennium understands this and therefore crafts solutions to the unique requirements of each individual company. Small, midsize and even multinational corporations call upon us for this very reason. Access Millennium offers a true partnership. Most carriers are only about bandwidth and location - how much and where. Access Millennium is different in that we offer a bundled set of network services that really address what your business needs.

Our expert team includes network/security architect(s), an account manager and a program manager. The team reviews your existing network and requirements from a financial and technical perspective. This allows us to determine current and future network, application and business requirements. This includes a detailed review of network topology, performance statistics, application performance requirements and security. With this information, we can tailor our services to optimally meet your requirements. We deliver our proposed architecture plus service level agreements, while maintaining our independent, vendor-neutral philosophy of “best fit for the need.”

This includes ROI/TCO analysis and a valid business case for implementing the new solution. Our final integration plan documents the time and cost savings, all services, roles and responsibilities relevant to the proposed design.

Network Implementation Highlights: