Course Development Services

Access Millennium offers a structured approach to distance learning course development. We will help you to define the goals of your online course, so we can work together to plan its implementation.

Development Goals
User Analysis
Technical Analysis

We offer a comprehensive toolbox of technologies. We will present all the technology options available so that we can provide an accurate estimate of the course's development cost, design effort and implications.

Resource Analysis

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your available resources. To minimize costs, we will use all your available resources applicable to the task. This will also help us to define the amount of effort required to generate the remaining resources required to complete the project.

Media Planning

We will clearly describe the required media. We will work with you to generate a storyboard pertinent to that media. This will reduce or eliminate excessive rework during the development process.

Layout Design

We will design the basic page layouts, incorporating simple and intuitive navigational and interactive elements.

Course Map/ Flowchart

We will provide a flowchart showing how the course progresses from start to finish. This will show you how we structure the HTML pages that provide the user interface for the course content.

Media Creation

We create the content elements that make up the course based on the generated storyboards. This could include: audio (voice-overs, background music), full-motion video, flash animation, HTML pages, etc.

HTML Document Processing

The generated multimedia content will be embedded in HTML pages based on the agreed to template design. Special controls for the audio, video and graphics media will be added as required.The HTML pages will be organized to make navigation easy, simple and consistent and reduce the amount of work necessary for site maintenance.

Special Programming

We will generate and Install specialized programming as required to implement sophisticated interactions such as membership log-on, quiz management, discussion forums, guestbook, calendars, and site statistics, etc.