Supplemental Education

Access Millennium recognizes that because of existing social boundaries and economic disparities, many students find it difficult to pursue educational advancement solely in the traditional ways. Access Millennium is dedicated to improving education and other opportunities for minority and economically disadvantaged children, youth and adults.

We are currently working with education providers to actively develop and deliver specialized supplemental education programs through the use of advanced online digital audio and video technology. We will aggressively promote and facilitate the use of high-speed Internet technology in local elementary and secondary schools for curriculum enhancement and for any required teacher training.

Since the basis of educational advancement begins with, and is directly related to reading skills, Access Millennium recommends Fast ForWord® software, developed by the Scientific Learning Corporation.

Who is Fast ForWord to Reading software for?

Fast ForWord® Basics software develops early learning skills for 4-7 year olds. The software's fun, interactive computer exercises target and develop the specific skills that young children need to thrive in the classroom, including:

In addition, Fast ForWord Basics software features two assessment exercises that measure letter-sound and phonological awareness skills.

Results in the Classroom

By focusing on early learning skills, Fast ForWord Basics software helps young students develop a solid foundation that translates to larger improvements in the classroom, including:

When it comes to fluent reading, practice makes perfect.

Fast ForWord® to Reading software is a supplemental suite of computer-based exercises that rapidly and systematically develops the skills that will help students become better readers.

Developed by a team of top reading experts and based on over 25 years of research on how the brain learns, the Fast ForWord to Reading exercises target and develop the skills that correlate directly to school curriculum, and are designed to help emerging readers build the skills that will lead to reading fluency.

Coupled with rich classroom curriculum, Fast ForWord to Reading software helps students practice and build the reading skills that will benefit them in all aspects of learning.

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