Multimedia Course Conversion

If your current training or academic courses are in a static text-based format, Access Millennium can help you convert these courses to more compelling multimedia presentations featuring full-motion video, dynamic animation and audio voice-overs.

Students or employees tend to 'skim' over written material, but studies prove these students pay closer attention and gain more information from the human-to-human interaction made possible by a multimedia enhanced curriculum.

The design and programming of computer-based interactive products that incorporate text, graphics, sound, animation and video requires two different types of talent, creative and technical. It is imperative that each understand the work of the other so that they can collaborate effectively. This is especially important when preparing text-based course material for multimedia interpretation.

Our course development consultants possess the creative and technical skills required to guide you through the process of interpreting your legacy curriculum into a storyboard for video production.

Use your own staff to present the course, or use one of our staff actors as a teacher/guide. We can video tape the sessions either at your office or school, or we can create a custom set in our own production facility to suit your needs.